Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daffodils for You

Many of you already have daffodils. For those of you who don't (including me) here they are. This image would make a great screen saver for your computer, wouldn't it?

Content in a Cottage


Clear Crick Cottage said...

Good morning Carol! :)
LOVE these Daffs! my favorites! OOO and the woodland pic you posted previously is pure heaven! And HOW did you get a photo of my kitchen here? (white with old fashioned oven). hehe!! OH gosh you don't want to see my current's 70s bliss. ha!
Well we finished season two of Doc Martin! We've really enjoyed our little marathons over the last week!! We figured out the show is a cross of Northern Exposure and House. hehe!! We both liked those shows so this is really fun. Of course I'm in it for the looksee at a beautiful English Village as much as the plot. I love it. To answer your question about where to get? My hubby is a sort of computer techy guy, and gets the show streaming somehow, but truly I wish I could tell you how, but can't. :( He says not through Netflics but another route. Sorry I can't get advice on the "how" to you. :(
Hope you've had a wonderful week, and a Happy St. Patty's day to you - yes Everyone is Irish on this day! :)
Sherilyn at Clear Crick Cottage

Diane said...

We've had them for a couple of weeks here. Love them!