Saturday, February 26, 2011

Outside My Cottage Yesterday

The snowdrops are coming up right on schedule. I always see them beginning in February.

The wisteria looks very sculptural against the background of the woods. I keep it cut back so it doesn't take over.

The ice in the birdbath has melted but no birds are interested in bathing. Brrrr.

This is the big branch I was talking about last week when I was pining away for a gardener to help me get rid of it.

Here he is. Webster is so handsome, isn't he? The wonder dog got the crazy runs he was so excited about being in the way back.

My guard chicken proudly standing watch outside my bedroom window. It felt good to walk around with my camera now that the weather is improving. Have a great weekend.
Content in a Cottage


Mrs. Bee said...

Its icy cold here but the sun is out so I think I will join the handsome Webster and go out in the way back and do some crazy runs...must find I find a warm coat like his first ;)
Enjoy the weekend!

Katie Cautela said...

Thank you for your pictures as always. It looks like spring is finally here!!!!