Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cats Really Know How To Get The Best Views

I have never seen a cat sit like this, have you? Hopefully this delightful photo will get your day off to a happy start. :)))

Content in a Cottage


Marilyn said...

No, I havenever seen a cat sit like this! Yes, it got my day off to a great start. Thank you! :) :) :)

Toodie said...

Now that is a great photo lol!
Love it...thanks ;-)

The Queen Vee said...

What a funny picture, love it. I've been doing a bit of traveling and am now playing catch up on your blog Rosemary. Catch up with you is like drinking champagne out of a fire hose.

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

That is so unthinkable--I have seen where a cat will straddle, but that may have been uncomfortable. How relaxing the cat makes it look. Just makes me laugh to see it!