Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Paper Snowflake Tutorial [Origami]

Garland made from origami paper, dental floss and tape.

So this is how it's done?

I really love the red snowflakes on brown paper tied with string.
Aren't these red snowflakes beautiful? I can't take credit for the photos or the instructions either. Head on over to How About Orange for all that.

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Michele said...

Beautiful! Never thought of a red snowflake but now that I see it....its exquisite. Thank you again :) for more snowflakes!

scarlettm said...

Thanks, as always! Great link.


Sue said...

I would have NEVER thought of red snowflakes. And they're beautiful!
Really gives a "pop" of color to a white wall, etc.
Lovely! Thanks for this idea!!

Laura Keller said...

These look lovely! I like the red - it's a bold contrast from the usual white paper snowflakes and is great for gift wrapping - Thanks for sharing!