Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Paper Flowers

Does anyone know if there is a template for making these paper flowers? I love them. The appear to be one piece. I guess you must score them towards the center to make them take on the form of a flower. Help, please. Leave a comment if you know how these are made. [image source]

I found this video. Follow the instructions for making one flower. Just cut the scallops more deeply.

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Marcy {pine creek cottage} said...

I googled images of: paper flower craft ~ and there were oodles of choices ~ though I didn't see this exact image. I think you could find lots of inspiration!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Sorry I've found this so late. I have made these flowers and it's very simple. First make a template by drawing a circle of the size you desire using a compass. Next you lightly draw the petals. Leave a slight gap between the last two petals, drawing a narrow V clear to the center. Now cut your template. You'll be able to see how you can bring the paper together to close the little gap. I use a tiny section of rolled up paper for the center as shown, hot glued to the wire. You can alternatively use a short segment of one of the long, narrow pencil eraser or a bit of dried greenery or whatever pleases you. I like to include a few leaves with mine as well, and if you like you can pinch a tiny crease as you see in this photo. Medium weight paper works best. You will need a bit of glue or papier mache or some wire (as is shown here) under the flower to prevent it moving on its stem. Very simple! If you need a template I can send you one.