Thursday, September 23, 2010

Less Is More | Sophisticated Simplicity

LESS IS MORE! This is a wonderful quote and image, isn't it? I grew up sewing on an old Singer sewing machine just like this one. Another photo I liked and saved with no image source for credit.

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Tina Eudora said...

Oh I just had to comment on that one Rosemary! I have an old Singer not a treadle though and although it needs oiling and servicing I love to just have it near by.
My sister has an old treadle she is holding for me as she doesn't sew.
In Lachine Quebec where I lived for many years they are very popular with the nuns in the convents who won't sew with anything else. There is an old gentleman there who has made his living just finding and refurbishing those old treadle machines for the nuns.
I have to agree with the nuns, less is more and simplicity is bliss!
Take care....Tina xo