Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cottage for Sale, Must be Moved | Currently Reading

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Sometimes I think I definitely have a fairy god mother who puts books I might like in the free book bin at the Post Office. I actually pounced on this one like a hen on a June bug as they say in the south. I just started it and love it already. Perfect reading for a hot almost summer day. It is sizzling outside at 92 degrees. I have a fan blowing directly at my face so I'm fine.

Cottage For Sale, Must Be Moved
A Woman Moves a House to Make a Home
by Kate Whouley

"A pitch-perfect description of both small-town life (Cape Cod) and personal anticipation . . . I loved Cottage For Sale." ~ Anna Quindlen

Content in a Cottage
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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This sounds great!
Book review soon?

Gal Friday said...

Pure serendipity!
I would have pounced, too, had I seen that one.

Glad it was you who found the book, Rosemary. :-)

Millie said...

Wow 92 degrees Rosemary! Gosh it only seems like yesterday that you & Webster wre trapped inside by piles of record-breaking snow in your yard. Yes, that book was definitely ear-marked for your attention.
Millie ^_^