Saturday, May 8, 2010

Abandoned Cottage. Restorable? Absolutely!

Stone Cottage
"abandoned places. stones warmed by the sun. nature run amuck on the structures left behind. the mystery of things unattended."

I'd love to be teleported to this very spot right now. Have a great weekend, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage
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Sue said...

Isn't that just beautiful!
Looks like a well worn path-I'd like to think it's deer. What a spot to collect one's thoughts.

Lara Harris said...

Oooh! Love this!

Cindy said...

Beautiful.. It makes one wonder what the cottage would have looked like in its youth.

Linda said...

The bones of this fine old brick house lend the sense of dignity it deserves. I cannot help but think of the people who once called it home. It's sad, I think, when these places once filled with life are abandoned. At least, we still can find reason to admire them.