Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paying Taxes Old Style

Please tell me you aren't doing this right now. I was at the post office today expecting a big line of people waiting to mail their income taxes but there was only one person there. I guess everyone's waiting until tomorrow. Not boasting, not bragging, but mine were finished long ago. Thank goodness. My heart bleeds for everyone who's still working on them. Good luck and goodnight.
Content in a Cottage


Rebecca said...

We sent our tax returns off today along with the small checks for what we owed the IRS and the state of Iowa.

Hubby finished up the returns on Sunday. His desk may get a bit messy but it never looks like the picture you posted.

The NJ library issue is a shame. Maybe some cuts are needed in state funding but our libraries are much needed by those who cannot afford to buy every book they want to read and for those without computers and the internet.

Sue said...

I have NO idea why people find it so difficult to have their taxes done on's not as though we don't have enough time. Mine were done months ago....I DID , however, wait to send the amount OWED until the very last day!
When I think of the amount of flowers I could have bought with that money............