Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NBC to Air Prince Charles' Film on Environment

NBC to Air Prince Charles Film on Environment, Harmony
"NBC is teaming up with Prince Charles for a new TV special about the environment.

HARMONY, which is slated to air in November, stems from Prince Charles' three decades of work fighting climate change and searching for new solutions to the worldwide environmental crisis.

Watch videos of Prince Charles

This looks good. I shall watch the movie this Fall. I wish he would do a video on how to build a wattle fence. I've always wanted one.

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Buttonchief7 said...

God has always called us to be good stewards of his earth. But the green thing seems to be more about greed than anything else. As said concerning Al Gore, beware the prophet that profits. Peggy

Marilyn said...

Well, first, you have to find some wattle....then you build a fence with it!!! Looks like a lot of work, absolutley worth it. I adore HRH....always have.