Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walk or Slide?

Curved staircase with slide. This would be so much fun. Which would you take? I guess you'd walk up and slide down. I'm so glad there are people who want such things and find the people to build them, aren't you?

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AshTreeCottage said...

Oh boy would I like that! What fun. I wonder if Bentley would go down the slide? I think that every parent with young kids should have a stair, slide combo. Think how much exercise the little ones would get. When I was a kid we used to like to climb the stairs and slide down on our bottoms. Another fabulous post as usual Rosemary!

Susan and Bentley

Marcy said...

Oh, I think this looks like so much fun!

Am I getting too practical when I look at that and think it would be great to send the laundry down the slide side instead of having to carry it down the stairs?!