Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Time To Call It A Day

Don't you love this giant clock on this beautiful paneled wall? I think it's absolutely wonderful. Nothing else is necessary and would be overpowered by this timepiece anyway. You wouldn't have any excuse for being late if you lived in this household, would you? I'm tuckered out from dealing with this dreadful weather today. See you tomorrow. Goodnight, Rosemary.


Content in a Cottage

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La Maison Fou said...

Thanks for the face Rosemary. I kow what you mean, we have had wind, wind, wind today!
Whew I am blown away!
Have a better day tomorrow.

Sue said...

Perhaps the ONLY clock I could possibly read without my glasses...
Just love it!
Hope your weather improves! We could use some of your rain.Sigh.Seems it's all-or-none with it anymore!
Have a wonderful day, Rosemary.