Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knitted Dog Toy | Woof

This has got to be the cutest knitted toy dog I've ever seen. I would not dare give anything like this to Webster the wonder dog because he would snag it immediately with his nails. He'd love it though and smother it with kisses. Unfortunately I can't furnish any instructions other than pointing you towards the website where I found it. Go to the site and type "dog toy" in the search box and it will come up after you scroll down a bit. This would be a great project for a new baby or favorite toddler and I'm sure it would end up being cherished. I love the "spot" on his eye and his blanket-stitched ears and back seam. He's the perfect pet...quiet, housebroken, and he doesn't eat much. WOOF. To a good home only, please!

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1 comment:

AshTreeCottage said...

That little dog is so adorable - I just want to hug him. I need a baby gift, and this may just be the perfect one.

Thanks Rosemary!

Susan and Bentley

PS: Please don't show the dog to Bentley yet, he'll want to shake it like a rag doll.