Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bell Ringer Hoists 22-Pound Bells For Bucknell

In case you thought Ben Ramseyer's name rang a bell, it really does. Just look at him. There he was Sunday at Morristown's Presbyterian Church on the Green, wielding a 22-pound chime with surgical precision as a member of the renowned Rooke Chapel Ringers of Bucknell University. This performance was part of their National Tour. Watch the video and look for them in your area. I missed this performance because of real estate. Boo Hoo.

I couldn't get the video to appear within this blog post. Here's the link. Read the article and watch the delightful video if you love Bell Ringers. These young people are wonderful! I understand that the performance was packed with admirers. The young man with the big bell is a member of the congregation and started ringing in kindergarten. How nice.

Aren't you glad I'm interested in so many things? Add Bell Choirs to the list. Rosemary

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Camille said...

Albeit short, that was a beautiful performance...too bad you missed it!! I've tried to find a local bell choir who perform Christmas concerts, but to date haven't been successful. Thanks for sharing this link!

rotarygirl said...

Yes, I am very glad you are interested in so many things! You've become the most content part of my day. I am very grateful for the time you spend compiling beauty and wisdom to share. Thank you!