Friday, January 22, 2010

Conan O'Brien | Last Night On The Tonight Show

Tonight is Conan's last night on the Tonight Show so maybe I'll record it. I think he got a raw deal even though a settlement has been reached. Didn't any of those network people go to grammar school? This is just not done. You don't promise someone something, make them wait 5 years to get it, and then change your mind and take it back. Shame on NBC and Jay Leno too.

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Lady Laura said...

A sad situation all the way around. I like Conan but I'm not up late enough to watch him or anyone else at that hour, nor would I waste any time watching David Letterman.

I just have a hard time feeling too sympathetic because he prospered when Jay Leno was done wrong by NBC. What goes around-comes around. Nevertheless, I wish him the best--he's a very funny guy.

Gail, in northern California said...

I'm with you, Rosemary, but I take it even a step further...I don't think Jay should have taken the earlier slot for a variety show either. He should have retired, with grace and honor, like Johnny did.