Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leaves munched and crunched . . .

eaves didn't have a chance yesterday when I mowed over them with my riding mower. The grass is still growing because it has been so warm lately. I mowed over the leaves and cut the grass at the same time. That's what I call multi-tasking.
Don't you love the letter L that I copied from the coolest blog? She publishes a decorative capital letter every day, and you know how I love fonts.
I don't like this new time one bit. It was pitch black outside at a little after 5PM. Webster doesn't like it either. I know it is supposed to be good for the school children waiting for the bus but isn't it dark when they get home if they have after-school activities? I like it in the morning ... just not in the evening or should I say afternoon?
I had high hopes of doing outside errands but got so busy I never left the house on Monday. Oh well, today is another day. I have to go to do-it-yourself recycling and then I must vote. Both things will force me to deal with the outside world. Then I hope to finish my mowing.
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Chiara said...

Good morning Sweet Rosemary,

yes...dealing with the outside world, you said it right! yesterday was a dreadful day for me...it was rainy and so very windy. I was outside for my errands carrying my umbrella while descending stairs (no banister!!!), lost my balance and fell. Now I have a horrible and painful bruise on my hip and elbow.
Today it's a little warmer and the sky is lovely...Moreover the change of time with the early darkness, the weather is really crazy here, one day actually warm, the next damp and gloomy. I would like to stay at home snuggling in a blanket and sipping hot tea!
Hope you have a good day dealing with the outside world!!!