Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First of July . . .

Webster up close. I couldn't get him to relax his ears.

Webster far away on our walk this morning.

Not a daisy.

Today is the first of July. I guess you could say the year is half over or is that like saying the glass is half full? Maybe it sounds better to say the last half has just begun. That's more like it. I am the eternal optimist, you know.

Content in a Cottage


Gail, northern California said...

Mr. Webster...what a delightful mug, takes great joy in the morning. He's very protective of you, always looking back to make sure you're alright.

You and he are so very lucky that he can be off-leash. My lovely old black lab was never without a leash when we took our walks and, to this day, I regret that. In my dreams, I see her running so fast she's flat.

Dogs...all of them...wonderful creatures.

Sue said...

For my first day of July, its pouring BUCKETS (much needed) and I am wearing flannel. I don't know where summer is, and it's a third of the way gone already.
Webster looks wonderful. He is so handsome!!
Have a great day

joan said...

That is one Very sweet puppy-face! My Ella would love your Webster (I love his name btw!) What a beautiful place for a walk.

~melinda~ said...

I am laying in that green grass, just staring at the sky, as I fall slowly to sleep.... beautiful picture. Webster waaaay off in the distance!

Millie said...

Hello beautiful boy & hello my lovely friend. Have so enjoyed catching up on life in CIAC, don't stop with the daisy pics Rosemary, & why don't you mail Andy's gravel stones back to him collect.
Millie ^_^

Amongst The Oaks said...

Lovely dog, reminds me of our old boy Baxter, now long gone. He used to sleep under the bed too.
Those adverts in bags of rocks really bug me too. I would never hire anyone who did that. It's just littering!

Particles of Stone said...

Those are beautiful photos! Your dog looks totally kissable, too. :-)