Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A chipmunk in my garden + an antique etching with dogs and a squirrel . . .

I can't believe how many chipmunks I see running around my property storing food for later. I was in my vestibule when I saw this one on my front wall yesterday. Could this be a sign of a cold winter? We'll just have to wait and see.

"Nuts to You" ~ A delightful etching by Marguerite Kirmse
English printmaker 1885-1954

Label on the back of the framed artwork with provenance.
Try to do this with your own antique purchases if you can.
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~melinda~ said...

A lovely picture of a beautiful little, playful chipmonk!! Darling! I havent gotten to the point of wishing for winter fire in the fireplace and hot soups on gray winter days, hasnt been hot enough yet or hot long enough... But I do love winter.

The etching of the doggies remind me of my old readers in the first grade. Those kind of pictures... (sigh) age...