Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome toads to your garden ~ Tutorial for making a toad house . . .

Gal Friday just emailed me that she found two toads while digging in her garden today. She is busy making toad homes right now from broken flower pots.

Download PDF instructions here.

Picture and instructions via Garden Gate Magazine.

"Don't throw the smaller pieces of broken clay pots away. Those smaller pieces that have a hole in the top make wonderful homes for spiders, who are among some of a garden's best tenants. Invite them in!"
This wonderful tip was sent to me via email from a reader. Thanks, Mayo.

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Sue said...

What a sweet Toad picture! I was worried I wouldn't have them in my garden as I had to use raised beds....but, clever toads, they made little burrows under the sides. I'm thrilled!
Have a wonderful day