Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent is my hero . . .

Susan Boyle. Not pretty, not slim, not young (48 years old), unmarried, never had a date, never been kissed, unemployed, an object of small-town ridicule (Scotland), and dressed like a frump. The entire audience was ready to boo her off the stage in a British talent search before she even started.
She lives with her cat Pebbles and is the youngest of 9 children in a musical family. Her mom died 2 years ago. What a pity...she would have been so proud!

Britain’s Got Talent rising star Susan Boyle has revealed to The Mirror that she hated how she looked on Saturday night’s show. Susan, 48 told the newspaper: “They say that television makes you look fat and it certainly did. “I looked like a garage. It was mortifying to see and a bit of a shock. I didn’t realise I could reduce people to tears and I hope it wasn’t because of that.” (She's funny too!)

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

The amazing Susan Boyle was such a huge hit on Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent show that she is said to have offers of work pouring in already.

Susan shocked the nation when she ambled onto stage and belted out ‘I Dream A Dream’ from Les Miserables. The video of her performance has racked up more than seven million views on YouTube and The Sun reports that Simon Cowell will now offer her a record deal whether she wins the show or not.

Piers Morgan told the newspaper: “As I watched Susan’s performance back, I texted Simon in Hollywood: ‘My god, she was even better than I remembered — she’s unbelievable’.

WAY TO GO, SUSAN! Everybody loves an underdog and we certainly love you!

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mary said...

I watched this over and over - and already have told unbelievably uplifting on so many levels!

The Queen Vee said...

In the words of Miss Susan Boyle, that was "Bloody Fabulous"!

I have often wondered how many people with fine talent are overlooked because of the humbleness of their "machine," as Charlotte used to call it!

Sue said...

Again and again, we are told "Don't judge a book by its cover". When will we ever learn that? She certainly shines from within. Bless her for giving voice to all of us who are "frumpy"!

Lady Laura said...

A true, modern Cinderella story! Her performance brought tears to my eyes. I've seen it many times and it never gets old. She's truly someone that deserves success!

Her singing style reminds me of a female Josh Groban. I'd love to hear more from her.

brooke said...

What an incredible opportunity for someone so gifted. She's certanly on her way... wow!

Millie said...

Thank you so much dear Rosemary for this post. It's received a lot of publicity Down Under & I believe the clip on You Tube has had nearly 6 million hits. This is the first chance I've had to sit quietly & watch the whole thing & WOW!

Nothing more to add here except that I totally agree with Amanda's comments about it being a huge wake up call for everyone. I couldn't take my eyes off her, & I think she has great beauty in every possible way. ALL POWER TO SUSAN!!!
Millie ^_^

Sabina said...

Good Morning Rosemary,

I saw this and loved it too!! To me Susan is beautiful in so many ways and then there is her voice. I was just on the floor amazed by that incredible voice!!


Gail, northern California said...

There are tears on my keyboard.

Thank you, Rosemary.

Tracy said...

Hi Rosemary.
I watched this yesterday at the urging of another blogger. I had dismissed the story when I saw bits of it on the morning news as just another sappy "feel good" moment that I certainly wasn't going to get sucked into. Boy, was I wrong.
But you know, the one thing that bugs me as this story plays over and over again on all the news and entertainment programs, is that when they tell her age, it's like she's SO OLD she can't possibly be serious. Maybe not even talented. She's 47, almost 48. Just like me. Was I supposed to have hung it up by now? Am I crazy to be starting a new career at this point in my life? Of couse not. I've never felt that my AGE might be a hindrance to my aspirations until all this talk about Susan Boyle and how OLD she is. I'm not usually super-sensitive or even very easily offended, but this story (or, more specifically, the way it's being delivered) has really gotten under my skin.
And speaking of skin (and hair and wardrobe) I do hope that she doesn't succumb to the idea that she needs some kind of "Hollywood-style makeover" now that she's "famous". Her "real"ness is the best part of her charm.
Thanks for letting me take up so much space! Hope you're having a Happy Thursday!