Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photos from my walk today | Mostly of Webster, the wonder dog . . .

The grass on the "back 40" is turning green.

I got some decent photos of Webster today.

My beautiful shelter dog.

He doesn't like to pose.

Grabbed a shot of him almost smiling.

Begging for a treat from my pocket.

Handsome even with something on his nose.

Tabitha came along briefly.

Vine monster.

Another view of the vine monster.

Shutter detail.

I used my Nikon D40 today. I love that camera! Would I like a D90? Yes, but I really don't need it so I am holding off. If I purchase anything it will be the 18-200 zoom lens. Baby steps.

Gail from Northern California left a comment this morning to suggest a great-sounding program on PBS tomorrow night (3/23) at 10PM-11:30PM in my area. It's called The Powder and the Glory (check your local listings), about Elizabeth Arden & Helena Rubinstein, two power-house women in the cosmetics industry who never met. One can only imagine the empire that would have resulted if they had. I will be watching 'Medium' at ten o'clock when the PBS program premiers so I set my DVR. Thanks Gail! I never would have found it without you.

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Gail - northern California said...

You're welcome...and thank you for the wonderful shots of old Mr. Webster. (With such a grey beard, he's earned the distinction.)

I think Mr. Webster somehow knows he owes his life to you, dear lady.

Millie said...

Rosemary, wonderful pics of the great one - he is just so huggable! I've recently read about the infamous Arden/Rubenstein war, made for fascinating reading.
Millie ^_^

brooke said...

Webster is wonderful and your photos are gorgeous!

Sue said...

Webster certainly has a very wonderful, and expressive face. He looks like a wonderful companion.

Deanna said...

Your property is gorgeous, and the furkids are adorable!

Stacey Snacks said...

Great pics of Web and Tab.
and mustn't forget the concrete rooster, we dont want him to feel left out!

Tracy said...

Rosemary: I had a cat named Tabitha once. Did you name yours after the Beatrix Potter character Mrs Tabitha Twitchet (I did because she looked just like Miss Potter's drawings) or because she's a Tabby? Cute name in either case. And Webster? Great name for a very handsome dog.

Gal Friday said...

Who says Webster doesn't like to pose?? Those were some lovely shots of him, as well as the greening landscape(hardly green here yet) and the scrolly, twisty images of vines, door handle, etc.