Thursday, March 12, 2009

New York Magazine Cover | Bernie Madoff as The Joker . . .

Guilty of 11 counts of fraud + money laundering.
What about stealing $68 billion and conspiracy?

Jail is too good for this monster!

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Deanna said...

I totally agree. Jailtime is not going to do any good. They need to find out where he put what money he has hidden and put away and take it from him, it's somewhere, most likely overseas but they need to find it. And then help all those innocent people that now have nothing. Greedy *you know what*. And yet I heard today that years ago he quoted that this would all come back to get him someday. Dirty *fill in the blank*.

Millie said...

That equates to $115billion in Aussie dollars!!!! Words fail me.
Millie ^_^

teaorwine said...

My only hope is that his assets will be seized by the government (especially those which are in his wife's name)to be distributed in a pro-rata fashion to those who lost so much. This would be true justice. What is really frightening to me is that this could happen to ANYONE. The SEC failed to respond to complaints regarding this man which allowed criminal activity to continue. I suspect there are many similar situations out there that have yet to be discovered. (Not usually a ranter and raver, but I totally agree with your characterization of Mr. Bernie!