Thursday, March 12, 2009

My snowdrops are blooming . . .

My snowdrops usually pop in in February and by mid March they are almost in full bloom. I love these tiny bulbs that spread so quickly and are the first harbingers of Spring.

It was nice enough today to hang a white load of wash outside and everything is now dry and ready to take off the line.

I used my point and shoot to capture the snowdrops. It's an older Panasonic Lumix FX-01 with a Leica lens and it's excellent. Sometimes it's better than my Nikon D40 SLR because I can get really close without getting on my knees in the wet leaves. This odd angle would have been hard to get looking through a viewfinder. It's good to have both. Both of my cameras are only 6 megapixels and that's fine for everything I do.

Thanks for stopping by. ♥Rosemary

Content in a Cottage


Gal Friday said...

Well, those are just lovely and such an encouraging thing to notice in your day, right Rosemary?
I like the green shade of the stems and leaves-so rich.

Sue said...

Oh, to see something green in my own yard. I am glad I can see it on your site. Thanks for a much needed dose of spring. Now, would you like some of my snow? : )

Deanna said...

Oh Rosemary, that is just sick! Like Sue, we still have snow, BUT they say today is the last day of below zero temps now. They better be right. They're lovely. So when can my husband and I move in? Oh, and the cat is welcome too I'm sure, right?

Millie said...

What a lovely message to you Rosemary that Spring is on the way to your part of the world. Happy weekend to you.
Millie ^_^