Saturday, February 14, 2009

Original 1845 Antique Folk Art Valentine . . .

Click to enlarge. I really can't make out the exact sentiment on this original Valentine glued in a memory book/lesson book from my collection. The lady's name was Pink. That name is inscribed on the tiny envelope in the man's hand. I just love the folky watercolor of the gentleman. This document was folded to fit in quite a small envelope 2" x 3-1/2". I wonder if it was presented in person as the watercolor depicts or if it was mailed?

Happy Valentine's Day.

Content in a Cottage


mary said...

I think it is a self portrait - the name in the poem is his name...but I can't make it out . Now it will drive me crazy
Happy Day - I'm thinking........champagne

teaorwine said...

Hand-crafted valentines were as they still are, the very best of sentiments. I agree, it appears this is a self-portrait (a lawyer, as he uses ESQ. after his name?) delivering the Valentine's day note. Lovely and a true treasure.