Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abraham Lincoln ~ 16th American President . . .

Feb. 12, 1809 -- April 15, 1865
State: Illinois
Religion: His father and stepmother were Baptists, but he attended Presbyterian services in Springfield and Washington.
Marriage: Mary Todd
Military service: In the Black Hawk War, Lincoln served as captain of a company under Col. Zachary Taylor; he unsuccessfully attempted to track down Chief Black Hawk and never saw military action.
Party: Republican
Term: March 4, 1861 - April 15, 1865
Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin, 1861-1865; Andrew Johnson, 1865

Source of photo and information (read more):
Presidential Photo Gallery - Chicago Tribune

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Cass said...

Just found your blog, and it's lovely! Grand tribute to Mr. Lincoln, one of the USA's greatest. I will be back! Best wishes, Cass (also in Morris County!)