Friday, January 23, 2009

Which mug will you choose on Saturday morning? . . .

I will pick the mug on the right since I don't drink tea in the morning. I need two big cups of strong perked coffee to get my day going, with soy milk/no sugar. A new magazine would be nice but I rarely get my hands on anything very current. I have several friends who save their old ones for me since I don't subscribe to any periodicals in my continuing effort to save the planet. The good thing about getting used magazines is you can rip out pages with wild abandon and no guilt.

Enjoy the day and the weekend.


Content in a Cottage


TWB said...

Coffee Black, no sugar, and the newspaper, for me.

Millie said...

Coffee & a good book for me please! At 53 I've never tasted tea, have never liked the smell, but MOTH drinks bucket loads of Earl Grey.

Our CIO @ work is an expat Columbian & he imports small amounts of coffee from there to work in Sydney. I now buy all my beans from him & it is quite simply the smoothest, most wonderful brew in the world. Off to plunge another pot right now!
Millie ^_^

Erica Lee said...

I choose mug on the right: coffee is much important for me (and all italians)in the morning.
Tomorrow,at eight o'clock, I'll make a bloodletting but, after that, I will be able to relax my soul in the church and my body at my home with a good book.

Enjoy your weekend!

Erica Lee from Italy

Gal Friday said...

Good Morning, Rosemary.
We are alike in that, while a tea drinker, I also need two rather strong cups of coffee(a splash of 1% Milk and no sugar)to get my day going, also. I am on my first as I type this.
As for magazines--I LOVE getting passed on magazines(I also pick them up from the town dump's "library"--love to find New Yorker, Bon Appetite, Martha Stewart and Smithsonian mags from there). The only magazines I subscribe to right now are Yankee and National Geographic(with a daughter in school, there are always those mag. subscription drives)
I also rip, and cut out of magazines for collages...
The polka dot box in the photo--reminds me of my dotted mug(I call it my Kandinsky "circles" mug)