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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The trials and tribulations of living with a cat . . .

Cold and rainy here.

Brrr! Shiver.

Considering a nap.

Or a movie.

Or a cup of tea.

The aristocratic cat in the photo would never resort to the tactics of the cat in the video.

Just something silly to amuse you until my creative juices start flowing again.

Also experimenting with a new arrangement of photo and text. I wonder how it will look when uploaded? UPDATE: I didn't nap or watch a movie or drink tea...raked leaves instead! Hooray.

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1 comment:

Millie said...

It's been 3 weeks now since we said goodbye to our dear Miss Chloe Cat & even though we miss her desperately, I so enjoyed this video. It brought back many happy memories of her doing very similar tricks to us!

You are so brave revamping your lovely blog - I want to do the same over the Holidays to The Hedge, but am not feeling too confident. So I'll be very interested to see your results, which I'm sure will be spectacular. Happy weekend Rosemary.
Millie ^_^