Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free OBAMA Yes We Did VICTORY Sticker . . .

Get Your Free Obama Sticker!
These commemorative stickers mark Barack Obama's historic victory and were designed by groundbreaking artist Shepard Fairey—the same artist who designed the world-famous, iconic "Hope" poster for Obama.

You can get one sticker for free. For a $3+ donation, they'll send you 5 stickers. For a $20+ donation, they'll send 50 stickers. Stickers are 4.5" x 6" (about the size of a postcard) and may take 5-7 weeks to arrive.

Place your order here.

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Sabina said...

Thanks for this Rosemary -- I'm on my way to get one of these. I love that image!! It's my favorite!!

Millie said...

What a week it's been for you! I'm sure your weekend will be just peachy Rosemary - enjoy!
Millie ^_^