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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Painted Floor Cloth with Mariner's Compass . . .

Who doesn't love a painted floor?

This is the kitchen in my previous house. I painted the floor myself with gray and white diamonds. It wasn't hard at all and it held up very nicely.

Here is a scan of a page I ripped out of a magazine. I love the mariner's compass design on this painted floor cloth. At first I thought it was a painted floor but on closer examination I noticed several "wrinkles" so I decided it was a design on canvas. I have a hallway that is unusually narrow with a painted floor in a solid color.

One of these days I hope to decorate it. I might skip the diamonds and just put the mariner's compass in the center. The hardest part would be plotting out the design.

I am not at all ready to tackle such a project. I just wanted you to know what was on my mind today. Thanks for stopping by the cottage. ♥Rosemary


Anonymous said...

How pretty! I wish I had some artistic talent.

Content in a Cottage said...

You are a true artist in the kitchen. Your food photos are beautiful and you have won many awards.

We all have different ways of showing our creative talents. Some use a paint brush; others use a wooden spoon!

Unknown said...

Oh, I like your diamonds, Rosemary! I have a horrible laminate floor in my kitchen, dining area- I've been thinking of painting it. Do you think it would work on a "Pergo" type of floor?

Content in a Cottage said...

You will have to use floor paint and read the directions. You might have to sand the prefinished Pergo. The floor I painted with diamonds was new wide-board pine lumber. The floors I painted in my cottage were given a quick sanding by a professional floor man to remove any old wax or varnish.

Good luck.

Millie said...

Knowing you Rosemary I'm sure we'll see this as a completed project sometime in the future. I love it.
Millie ^_^

Tracy Watier said...

What a beautiful kitchen, Rosemary! I love checkerboard painted floors. Especially after they've taken on a little bit of wear.