Friday, April 3, 2009

Garden Quote by Rudyard Kipling . . .

For my own purposes I am rewriting this quote by Rudyard Kipling.

"Gardens are not made
By sitting in the shade behind a computer."

I am getting behind in my outdoor work because of the rain. If the truth be known, I am behind in my inside work too. So it's off to the salt mines for me on Saturday.

Content in a Cottage


Gal Friday said...

I can relate to your altered quote. ;-) I have today off, as well, but have so much to do INSIDE, I won't even get to the outside.
My poor garden looks sad and neglected.

Content in a Cottage said...

I feel your pain!

Millie said...

Please don't spend too long down the mine dear Rosemary, we'd all miss you too much.
Millie ^_^