Sunday, August 10, 2008

View from my friend's home in Massachusetts...

After the Rain. (after)
My friend Lynn is my guest blogger today only she doesn't know it yet. One of her homes is in the Berkshires on the top of a hill with this beautiful view. She took this photo one morning last year after a rain. I can take only a little credit. If you look at the original below you will see a little bit of her deck railing in the lower right corner. I fixed it by extending the road with the clone tool in Photoshop Elements 6. I adjusted the exposure with auto smart fix and then added a thin black border. You can always click on any of my photos to enlarge.

I would walk around with my camera around my neck and another in my pocket at all times if my home overlooked this breathtaking vista. The gardens are beautiful too. Thanks Lynn!

After the Rain. (before)

Content in a Cottage


Vidhu said...

Good Scenery

Content in a Cottage said...

Dear vidhu...thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your comment about my friend's view.
Best regards, Rosemary