Sunday, July 13, 2008

OCD episode at the clothesline.

It is official ~ I definitely have OCD. I put up a clothesline between two trees behind my garage recently and am loving it. There is nothing like climbing into bed on the first night you have clean sheets that were line dried. They smell like sunshine! I may never use my dryer again! But I have real issues with the basket full of wet clothes! I have to hang like things together which makes for a lot of digging through the pile. Why can't I just pick up an article and hang it up; then hang whatever is as the top of the pile beside it in a random sort of way? But not me...if I hang up one towel I have to look for all the other towels I just washed until they are all together. Same thing with the pillow cases, etc. As far as I know there is no clothesline police. Does anyone else have this problem. Or is it just me?


Kat_RN said...

No worries, after a while you will be hanging any old thing. We have been using clotheslines for most of our married life. The smell and the feel of things dried in the sun are wonderful.
I don't hang my uniforms or anything that might have to be ironed, outside, but sheets and towels always.
Enjoyed reading your blog.

Barbara@BabyBloggingBoomer said...

hahaha. I never thought of this. I'm afraid to hang my clothes out now for fear I'll find I'm OCD too! Got a good laugh out of this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I must be OCD too; I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who does this. I learned this from my mother so I guess I will just blame her!

M said...

My grandmother always sorted her laundry before she put it out on the line. She explained to me that it was because like things dried the same, so underwear and clothes didn't need to stay out as long as towels and sheets. I loved the smell of her laundry and sheets--all except for the scratchy towels.