Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mowed grass this morning.

Today was perfect for mowing. Overcast and breezy. I was way behind and it took me quite a while to do half of my property. After 3-1/2 hours I decided to call it a day. Plus the sun came out and I was so hot I could die anyway. I have a huge project going with the grass clippings. I normally don't save them in the grasscatcher on my snapper riding mower...but lately I have. I have been spreading them quite thickly in areas with weeds and it is working beautifully. When I bought my first house in 1975, I bought a book called How to have a Green Thumb without an Aching Back by Ruth Stout. I still follow her teachings. Mulch away and don't be afraid to put it on thickly. Grass clippings are the best. Plentiful and free. You practically never have to water anything either. The picture I chose for today's posting is from an antique engraving dated May 1st, 1806. I like this barrow so much better than the orange plastic one in my garage. Actually I hardly ever use it. I much prefer my Garden Ways Cart with the big bicycle first purchase on becoming a homeowner. I put it together myself and it has served me well. I couldn't have collected all those grass clippings without it!

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studiomb said...

This "barrow" is absolutely one of my favorites. I use it in my illustrations and illustrated stories. I also used it in a mural I painted for a designer showhouse many years ago - it was stacked with morels and pushed by a monkey!Mb