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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meet Tabitha

She is the best cat in the world. I got her for my mother in December of 2006 from St. Huberts Giralda, the local animal shelter. It was founded in 1939 by Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge. I think she loved animals more than people because that's who got the greatest portion of her considerable estate. We looked at 3 previous locations that were having cat adoptions that day but just couldn't find the right one. We should have gone to St. Huberts first but didn't...can't remember why. We got our dog Webster there. Anyway, we looked at almost every available cat and put them all back. I kept avoiding this one because the note on her cage said she had "hairball" trouble. And they had named her BEACHBALL because of her shape. We were given a private room to test out the felines and when one of the workers brought this cat into the room she immediately picked us to be her family. She nestled herself in and started purring. We took her home and have never looked back. Hairballs don't seem to be a problem either. She gets plenty of outdoor exercise on the long walks we take together and she's lost her beachball shape. The new name Tabitha suits her.

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Unknown said...

Oh, more kitty pictures, please! Of course, I love all the pictures, but I'm particularly fond of kitty pictures.

I followed you here from the tiny house blog.