Saturday, December 8, 2012

Anna in April

This photo of my dear departed mother was taken on April 8, 2012 [Easter Sunday]. Your comments have been a great comfort to me during my time of great sorrow. My mother was my biggest supporter and my best friend. We both always loved home and were never bored there. She was a beautiful person inside and out and I'll miss her every day I walk this earth but will carry her in my heart. God bless her and keep her.

Friday, December 7, 2012

So Hard to Say Goodbye

My dear 92-year-old mother passed away peacefully early last night. I helped the assistant bathe her before I left the care facility to come home and was headed out the door to walk Webster when I got the news. I made the call to the funeral home and a wonderfully caring member of their staff met me at her bedside shortly after I had my last visit with my mom. I fixed her hair and said my last goodbye in private. Then I helped put her on the stretcher and walked her to the waiting car. Everything fell into place almost effortlessly and my mother's dignity was maintained up to the end.
Today is my first full day as an orphan and I feel very sad but surprisingly strong. Mother always wanted to die in her sleep and she got her wish. We had a great 10 years together, the last 8 spent here at the cottage. It won't be the same without her and neither will I. It was a privilege being her daughter.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Small car - big Christmas tree.

How cute. via KateSpadeNY

Perfect Chocolate Pot for The Season

This would be a great addition to any transferware collection, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, it's in the Smithsonian. via

Recent Snow Seen from Front Door

You can see the droplets of melted snow on the lens of my iPhone when I stuck it out the front door to get a photo of the snow without the distraction of a screen. Do you take the screens out of the window for the winter or do you leave them in place the way I do? I figure they will last longer and not get accidentally damaged while being stored. Plus I like the idea of being able to open a window on nice days to get some fresh air. This snow melted rather quickly and we have been having some really nice "vest" weather. [my photo]
Thank you for your words of comfort during this difficult time for my mother and me. xo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Mom has Become The Sleeping Beauty

Today is the second day my mother has been in an unresponsive deep sleep. She looks as beautiful as ever and very peaceful. I hope she knows when I'm there watching over her. Painting by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Kitchen Drawers Galore

If I had this many wonderful small drawers in my kitchen I would probably spend most of my time opening them searching for things. Eventually I would get a system going. Anyway, it's a great look!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Living Room

I love the raised hearth in this charming room all decked out for the Christmas season. via Country Living Click on the link for more views of this lovely home in Arizona.

Christmas Decor by Mother Nature

Mother Nature is definitely the best decorator, isn't she? via

Monday, December 3, 2012

Great Window + Plaid Arm Chairs

I love the window, the paneled walls and the wonderful pair of red plaid arm chairs. And the lamp too. via

Unique Kitchen

I like this kitchen because it looks real. The only thing I would do is try to clean all the old dried up paint stains from the sink. Love the folk art accents. via

A Light in Every Window

I missed the town Christmas Tree lighting last night because I was with my mother. It was beautiful to see in the dark coming home along with many residents' outside decorations. The weather is still nice and not too cold to work outside. I usually wait until it's frigid and my fingers won't work. Early is better because Christmas will come whether I'm ready or not. via

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Individual Pot of Warm Apple Pie

Such a great recipe with butter pecan crust. Are you drooling yet? Makes 6 large pots. I pinned it here.

Geranium Illustration

Mine are all in bloom in spite of the neglect they have experienced lately. Geraniums are the nicest plants the year round inside and out. via
Thanks for all of you kind notes regarding my mom and her move to a nursing home. She is adjusting quite well and this is such a blessing for both of us.

Words for My Mother

I reached the end of my rope on Friday and made a call to a friend of mine to get names of local nursing homes for my mother. The one at the top of her list is the closest to the cottage; I could walk there if I had to. Luck was on my side that day as I gathered my mother's hospital papers to take to the admissions director without an advance phone call or appointment. I think she could sense my desperation and she worked miracles to get my mother admitted that very afternoon. I was not aware that after a 3 day hospital stay patients have a 30 day window eligibility for a generous number of days in a nursing home to recuperate. I can't remember the exact number but I think it is around 3 weeks. It's a great place and we are both happy with the decision. Of course my mother would rather be home but she's being well cared for by very loving people and the food is good too. It's a small facility so the food is home cooked and is really delicious. Mother eats every bite and sometimes asks for between meal snacks. We went to physical therapy yesterday and she's still being evaluated. I think my mother is the envy of all the people in her wing because I spend as much time there as I can. She was so happy to see me after her first night there. She said she cried and cried because I wasn't there. Each night will get easier. I'm catching up with all the things I neglected while she was trying to get better at home. I miss her and it's my pleasure to sit with her. I can't wait to see what's for lunch today! image source