Monday, July 16, 2012

Cutest Coot Chick Ever

I don't think I've ever seen a coot chick before and I know I've never seen anything cuter. Photo by ©Dan Belton

White Cat in a Black Window

This beautiful white cat can't hide in this dark setting. Great photo! via

Porch for All Seasons

Cole Farm Residence in Scarboro Maine. Whitten Architects. Read more about this lifetime home for a couple with adult children and grandchildren. Do you prefer the summer porch or the winter porch?

Morning in the Cotswolds

Wouldn't you love to be waking up on Awkward Hill in the village of Bibury in the Cotswolds this morning? I can't think of any place I'd rather be, can you? via

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Great Family Bath

This looks like a great family bath, doesn't it? The children must be small and not in charge of hanging up their own big white towels. Bath time here would be fun in this wonderful tub! via

Moonrise Kingdom Movie Interior Scene

If you like anything at all about this photo, you will love the movie. Moonrise Kingdom was great. This is one of the few scenes where the boys were dressed. They were usually in pajamas all day long or their underwear. The girl was always perfectly groomed. I loved the record they played continuously too. I would love to own it. Hmmmm...I wonder if there is a soundtrack?

Moonrise Kingdom (Soundtrack)
The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra, Op. 34 (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell):
Theme F: (Full Orchestra) Composed by Leonard Bernstein, Performed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

Perfect Sunday Morning

I woke up way too early this morning and watched a TV program that I couldn't stay awake for last night. Then I forced myself to go back to sleep and didn't get up until after 9:00 which was a real treat.  Don't you love this tiny bedroom setup with books everywhere, French press coffee, laptop, croisants, beautiful bedding, large window and more? I'd like to spend a whole day there, wouldn't you? via

William Morris Illustrated Quote

Incident of Nature by Owen Gildersleeve

An illustration for the Royal Mail's 2011 Year Book, to introduce a chapter on the William Morris stamp collection. This quote is taken from one of Morris' 1892 lectures 'Town and Country', and the design is based on an amalgamation of Morris' patterns.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We go everywhere together.

The little dog is the leader. Thank goodness for mud rooms! via

1908 Children's Book Illustrations

A step back in time with a wonderful illustration by Margaretta S. Hinchman.

When children learned the names of flowers from their stories. Verse by Edith Barnes Sturgis. There is no mention of the garden fairy that is in the picture above.

Book Cover. Published in 1908. Large folio Children's book from my collection. 

All photos in this post are mine.

Porchside Weekend

I wonder if these people wish they had made the porch a tiny bit wider? What a pain it would be to have to move so people could scooch by when you were all in a movie theater. I'm not complaining though. I would just dash for the last seat instead of the first one. via

Good Advice

I got up early this morning, so I'm off to a good start. Have a great weekend. via

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cat on the Kitchen Counter

I love this sleek modern kitchen with the blackboard wall behind the sink. ©recent settlers

4 in 1 iPhone Photo of the Day

Just playing around with a new app again today. Please yell if you want me to stop. This one is free today (normally $.99) and is called Diptic. I like it because it maintains a high resolution if you want to print which I almost never do.

A Library to Envy

Oh.My.What a wonderful library! Antiquarian books are my passion and this looks like a very nice collection. I wish I could see the head on the portrait. This room is not staged and the bookshelves were designed specifically for the volumes....large to small (in three sections) from the floor up. I would love to see the rest of the room. Are you fond of fine bindings too?

Update on Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad never returned after the heat and dry spell set in. He had a big fan club there for a while though. I hope he found a puddle of water somewhere in the wetlands since there isn't a drop to be found here at the cottage except in the cat dish and the birdbath. How dry it is!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Addition w/ Breezeway, Balcony and Terrace

It's lovely, isn't it? So elegantly simple and in such good taste! See the rest of the 1930s center hall colonial via Atelier and Co.

Out on A Limb

We'll all jump on the count of three. One, Two.....

Flowers from My Cottage Free Download

I found an app called PolyFrame and downloaded it. It has lots of pre-set shapes for making collages.
It's easy too. These are spring flowers from my iPhone camera roll. Get it. 

Sweet Little Smiling Lamb

I've had one cup of coffee so far this morning but the caffeine has not yet reached my brain so I'm posting a lamb to start your day and mine too. via

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodnight from Webster

He's having a very hard time keeping his eyes open so it's Goodnight from Webster.

M. Night Shyamalan's Philadelphia Home

The filmmaker enlivens a storied 1930s Georgian Revival home near Philadelphia with a romantic array of English architectural styles. The new gatehouse frames a view of the original 1937 Georgian Revival residence on 125 acres. View the 18-photo Architectural Digest slideshow here. Read the article too.

Perfect Reading Spot

I would turn the chair around and put it where the table is located so the lamp would shine on my book. I would replace the table with an ottoman. I would reserve the middle shelf cubby for placing my coffee or tea cup and then this arrangement would be perfect. What changes would you make? via

Curved Bench Window Seat

Isn't this a nice architectural detail? The cutouts on either end of this bay window seat make it look like a settle bench! via

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Listen to Ralph

This sounds like very good advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson. "Be silly, be honest, be kind." via

Wonderful Outdoor Entertaining Space

The house looks wonderful and so does the tiered patio with lovely plantings and beautiful garden furniture. It's fabulous, isn't it? via

This happens every year. I start to see leaves turning color in July. This bright yellow one was floating in the birdbath. I was glad I had my iPhone in my pocket. It's still hot and dry but not as humid here at the cottage.

Red and White Checks

I love them on this kitchen floor. *

They are perfect on these bunk beds too. *

Monday, July 9, 2012

London Olympic Games 1948 and 2012

South Carolina Farmhouse

Belk Farm inspired by an old ice house on the shore of Cumberland Island Georgia. Love the double roofline with clerestory windows. Ken Pursley Architect. Read article and view more pictures here.

Perfect Vacation--Surfing with Books

This image certainly speaks volumes, doesn't it? A woody piled high with books ending up at the beach certainly looks like a perfect vacation to me. via The illustrator/author is Chris Gall and this poster was for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2007. See the license plate---LA2007. He also illustrated a picture book entitled America The Beautiful. I love his talent!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Brownie Batter Cheesecakes [No Bake]

These look easy, delicious, and fast to assemble. It's too hot to turn on the oven so why not whip up some for dessert one day this coming week? Recipe here with step by step instructions in pictures... very little reading required [smile]. I love ice box pies and cheesecakes, don't you?

Photo Fun - MarbleCam [free download]

This free app was featured in today's New York Times. You can use it with any existing photos in your camera roll or with the iPhone or iPad camera opened in the app.

This is the photo I used from my camera roll for the 'marble' effect above. This is going to be fun!

Best Outdoor Room Ever!

There are no words for this timber frame shelter with fireplace by the pool. It's a wonderful outdoor room, isn't it? via

Yes, please. I'll have my virtual hand-squeezed orange juice on the virtual porch this lovely Sunday morning. You'll join me, right? Sigh. via

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wild Raspberries at My Cottage

I usually eat a big handful of wild raspberries every time I take the dogs for a walk. They are so good. As you can see by the shriveled leaves we badly need a good soaking rain. The heat wave will be ending tomorrow and that's a good thing. Enjoy your Saturday night.

Dining Room overlooks Great Kitchen

This is such a visually pleasing photo to me. I love the neatness of it all and the low backs on the dining room chairs. The dark gray paint is perfect, even on the ceiling in the pantry. Very nice indeed. via

How Do You Count Your Days?

I know it's psychological but when it's hot outside I find it difficult to get anything very productive done inside even though the central air is running. Is this normal? How do you cope with the heat? Even the dogs are lying around like dishrags. Today I shall try to make the day count!! I found the quote in the white box here and I expanded it myself using the Martha Stewart app that's only 'free' for one more day. 

Do You Wander?

I would love to be wandering in the snow too! Stay cool if you are in the heatwave zone and have a good weekend. via

Friday, July 6, 2012

French Bulldog says Goodnight

Piggy is in the most uncomfortable looking position with his head propped up against the sofa arm but he's snoring away in the coolness of the a/c. I'm off to bed myself and Webster tucked in ages ago. We had a pretty exhausting day. I vacuumed and Piggy chased and barked after the beast. His humans don't have an upright. Cleaning wore us both out. Have a good weekend and stay cool.

Wonderful Airstream Campsite

This is a wonderful image, isn't it? Do these people camp at the same spot every year, thus the hollyhocks? I love the awnings. I've always thought this would be the perfect way to travel...with your bed always with you. Have you ever camped or vacationed in an airstream? via

Piggy Enjoys The Morning Sun

We are having a very nice morning here at the cottage. Piggy is stretched out watching me work in the kitchen and he doesn't know I sneaked up on him from behind. It's supposed to be another scorcher but so far the morning is very pleasant. The forecast is for 91 today and 100 tomorrow. Oh dear, I'd better turn the A/C on again.

Beautiful Symmetry

I would love to be standing on the other side of this door looking out. This is a lovely entrance, isn't it?  via