Monday, May 14, 2012

Soft Rain on Monday

Webster is waterproof and needs no umbrella.
I usually enjoy walking without one too
but my iPhone does not agree.

The flowers capture the raindrops very nicely.

Mother's Day Supper was served here yesterday. Our new bluebird house is a speck in the distance.

Does Your Blood Type Describe Your Outlook?

This is great, isn't it? That's mine too -- for sure! via

Tiny House in Portland

The best porch swing ever!

I love the gable end natural wood wall.

So inviting!

The wall of books is wonderful.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free App for making photo collages

My first picture collage using this free app

Webster Hunts for Snakes

Webster the wonder dog was out after lunch yesterday looking for snakes in the tall grass. He didn't find any but we have seen several small ones already this year. There were dragon flies buzzing around everywhere and it was a great day. 

Original iPad finger drawing converted to an eCard.

This beautiful drawing was done by a friend in Vermont. She didn't use a stylus---just her finger. After cropping it, I added the greeting and frame with Picasa. I think it became a perfect Mother's Day card, don't you? ©Jean Knight

Happy Mother's Day to All Mother Hens

How dear is this picture? I love the peeking peep, don't you? This really is motherhood at its best!  via

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Faces

These are such happy little flowers, aren't they? I fertilized them last week with some blue water and they are finally blooming again for a second round. My mother always says they are heavy feeders. 

How to feed a giraffe.

Have a fun weekend. I love this vintage photograph. This was certainly a memorable trip to the zoo for these little boys and their super dad. via

Where's the salt shaker? | Young Robin Up Close

I had a visit yesterday from an immature robin who stopped by to supervise my yard work. He could fly but not very well so he hopped around for a bit and let me get very close. I could have sprinkled salt on his tail if I'd had a salt shaker in my pocket instead of my iPhone. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

My First Front Mowing @ My Cottage

Just a quick photo before I fall into bed to show you how nice my front lawn looked when I finished mowing after supper. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Dogs @ Windows

You'll really looking at this collection of photos showing dogs in windows. Webster is an expert at this as you well know. Link here.

Cottage Style

This stone house that was on my open house tour this week was a little too large to be called a cottage but it had many elements outside to tame it into almost being one. The garden court was a lovely approach to the front door and was accessible from the kitchen wing too.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inside the Conservatory Looking Out

Here's proof that green is beautiful. The cloches are ready to protect some tender newly-planted seedlings. Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow. via

At My Cottage Yesterday After Dinner

I love the little faces on these tiny violas that are a johnny jump up variety. They are in a big pot at my front door. Who doesn't love a pansy face?

Webster the wonder dog was in deep thought about something. Mother and I were headed for the chairs that look like two tiny dots in the way back.

Paper Pinwheels | DIY Tutorial

It rained all night but I woke up to bright sun. If that's not reason for celebration, I don't know what is! I love these paper pinwheels made from atlas pages, old music book pages or sheet music and wrapping paper. Here is a tutorial from Martha Stewart in case you want to make some too. There are many others with printable templates if you just do a google search for paper pinwheel pattern. image found here
UPDATE: I think I spoke too soon. The black clouds have rolled in and it looks like more rain is in the picture.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ode to Scones | 25 Delicious and Unusual Recipes

I'll have one of each please! Are you drooling yet? Recipes here.

Nice Bathtub Shelf

This would be perfect for a bathtub that has no overhead shower. via

Another Rainy Day

The whole month of May has been behaving like April was supposed to but did not. I shall complain no more about not having rain. Has it been this way at your house too? via

From the Pen of: Kurt Vonnegut

So true. via

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Standing in My Own Cottage Bathroom

Here I am -- standing in my own bathroom with my iPhone. I tried looking at the mirror and smiling but my image looked too posed. This is the real me this afternoon before I went out to take my mother to the dentist. One of these days I'll try to show you more. It's a small room but it's wonderful!

See what I mean?

20 Things To Start Doing | Great List

When shall we start? I'm moving #16 to #1 and I'm adding hula hoop to #4. via

Are you a sitter or a stander?

I have always been a stander but I think I could learn to be a sitter in this lovely bath. I love the slipcovered chair, don't you? via

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Great Healthy Snack | Chocolate Dipped Nuts

What a great simple idea for the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth while providing a good dose of protein and energy without all the unhealthy sugars. These easy to prepare nuts would make great gifts too. via goodlifeeats

My Ladies Mantle after a rainy night

I have always loved how the serrated edges of the ladies mantle leaves capture the tiny raindrops and the centers cup the big ones. Mine are thriving this year even though they looked awful at the end of last year's summer heat. They missed the cool nights most long-lived perennials prefer. I missed them too!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meet Cactus Jack

Before. They say his tail never stopped wagging.

Adopted also!
Read this heartwarming puppy rescue story here.

Mystery Flower at My Cottage


These were taken today on an overcast morning with my iPad. What are those stunning magenta flowers and how did they get there? They are very large and have popped up in an area that never gets mowed and is allowed to grow wild behind the tall grasses in the second photo and near the buttercups that grow in huge patches near my metal gate. Click to enlarge. Isn't it fun to get surprise flowers planted by birds and magic? 
I have to say my favorite photo app of late is PhotoToasterJr. I almost never use anything else. It's free too. I blogged about it recently (last Saturday 4/28) so look for the post to download.

Vertical Pear Salad | Genius and Beautiful

V E R T I C A L - P E A R - S A L A D
4 smooth skinned pears
2-3 cups watercress
1/2 cup toasted pecans
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese
vinaigrette dressing
honey for drizzling
lemon juice

Cut pears horizontally into 3 or 4 slices depending on the size of your pears. Use a paring knife to cut out the cores. The pieces should look like O's. Leave the stem on the pop piece. Brush slices of pear with lemon juice to keep it from browning.

Toss watercress, pecans, and blue cheese with dressing until coated.

Reassemble the pear, vertically, with the watercress salad in between each slice. Once assembled, drizzle with honey, and serve!

Doesn't this look delicious? via The Novice Chef

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lovely Manor House with Topiaries

Have a great weekend looking for something beautiful to inspire you! via

This week's bird sightings | Yellow and Blue


Which bird do you prefer? The Goldfinch or the Bluebird?

UPDATE: This red-tailed hawk just flew by and wanted to be included!

Chevron Wainscoting Tutorial

It's lovely, isn't it? Tutorial here. Found here. What a clever way to install beadboard!!!!