Saturday, October 27, 2012

Books and A Hurricane or Tropical Storm

I think I just found the perfect reading room. I love the big ottoman two chairs can share. via

I never thought of books this way but it's true. via

I'll be spending the next few hours putting outside stuff in the garage in preparation for Sandy. I'm pretty afraid too. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend if you can. It's so still outside it is positively uncanny. And it's way too warm for this time of year. I slept with my bedroom window open last night. I hope all the weather forecasts are wrong and the Hurricane blows out to sea but they say there is a 70% chance it's coming my way. Boo Hoo.


tammy j said...

i will be thinking of you three in the beautiful contented cottage.
and i'll be watching the weather forecasts hoping for the best!
take care dear heart,

Beth said...

Stay safe and cozy.

Anonymous said...

May the forecasters be wrong about this storm. I am doing a lot of work in the garden today and, before I finish, I will put away pots and small planters and probably will push the furniture on the screened porch inward toward the wall. It certainly is still and the moist air hints of the storm which must be pushing it in upon us.
Be safe, Rosemary.

Gail, in northern California said...

Good morning, Rosemary. I hope the storm fizzles before it ever reaches your little cottage. Stay inside. Be safe. And let us know when it has blown over ... if you still have power!

Juniper said...

Oh goodness :( Stay safe <3 <3

LANA said...

We are doing the same thing here on Long Island. Anything not cemented down is being hauled into the shed and garage. I'm worried about the birds but I guess they know how to manage. Cell phones charged, car gassed, batteries and water in house, battery-operated radio. I hope we don't lose power, my refrigerator and freezer are full! Good luck and stay safe!

Content in a Cottage said...

LANA...I moved mountains today too. It felt good to work hard. I'll be thinking about you when and if Sandy comes to visit. Be safe.
xo, Rosemary

SALLY said...

Hope all stays well with you. Stay safe!