Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sun Rays + Koi Pool This Afternoon

I went to the most amazing open house today with amazing Zen gardens. I was the only one who even bothered to go outside. I was in heaven wandering around soaking up the beauty. I got some good sun rays beaming down on a faux bois bench. 

The reflecting pool full of colorful koi was lovely too. I'll share more photos later. I had such a nice day and a productive one too. I think that cool crisp air gave me a jolt of energy and the gardens were good for my spirit. 


penelopebianchi said...

I adore you blog. Adore. I also adore Webster. what a wonderful dog.

I live in Santa Barbara; California.
I am rarely envious.
Now; I have to admit......I am so envious! Fox! I have always wanted fox!

My "Most influential book of my life? "The Little Prince"

by Antoine de St Exupery! My favorite character in that bok? The fox!
"It is only with the hear that one can see rightly! what is essential is invisible to the eye"!

I LOVE your blog! and I envy your fox!



Tina Eudora said...

A garden is always good for the soul! I can hardly wait for the weather to get warm enough to get out there and dig around in the earth! Love the gorgeous photo.
Have a great day Rosemary!
Tina xo

Gail, in northern California said...

Gardens regenerate our souls but I also think you're feeling some of the euphoria known as "I finished my taxes--yay!"

Karen said...

What a lovely site. It's been crisp here as well and I must say it just makes my heart sing with joy...I'm so much more productive when the sun is shining and it's on the cool side.
Enjoy the day,