Thursday, August 11, 2011

A French Bulldog Watching the Deer

A little after-dinner excitement for The Pig. I am not sure whether or not he has ever seen deer grazing before since his property at home has deer fencing. He didn't make a peep but watched them very intently for quite a while. The fawns are getting big and their spots are almost gone. Webster came inside to look for pans to lick. 


Clipped Wings said...

Very cute photo. We had a terrier, Lucky, who was fascinated with the deer we saw when hiking; and he too was smart enough to keep his distance and just watch intensly.

Karen said...

What a view. I'd love to see deer grazing. My dogs would probably go a little crazy. Do the deer pose a problem for your plants in the yard?

J.W. said...

Always enjoy your "Pig" photos!