Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreaming of Tulips

"A Group of Tulips" from Robert Thornton's The Temple of Flora published in London in 1799. I scanned this image from the cover of one of my reference books on flower prints from 1799-1900. It's nice to think there are tulips beneath all of this snow that will be blooming in a couple of months. 

We had a rather balmy day yesterday with the thermometer hitting 60 degrees. It's cold again today though. I decided to tackle shoveling the snow from my balcony off the living room so I could get to the bird feeder. The snow was over a foot deep and it was wet and heavy because of the melting temperatures. It was a rather difficult task because I had to throw the snow over the railing and it was pretty strenuous. I did it ~ wonder woman that I am. Now I don't have to worry about the melting snow dripping through the floorboards on the patio below and freezing once again. One more job I can check off my list.

Content in a Cottage

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Kelly said...

Hello Rosemary, Your blog is just amazingly beautiful! Thank you so much... This post today is a breath of fresh air, with it only being 5 degrees here today in Anchorage AK. I just found you and am looking forward to reading previous posts and also what is to come. Thanks again