Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Georgian House in New Jersey's Horse Country

In the Georgian Fashion A Family Builds a Horse Country Home That Savors the Past.

The homeowners wanted a house that looked as if it had been there for 150 years, but they didn’t want 150-year-old problems.

One and one make two. Right? Well, not necessarily. If you really work well with your interior designer, one and one make three. The architect and the designer both have their own thoughts, and they both bring their own intelligence to the project. If you can combine the two of them, there’s a bonus. The math makes perfect sense to me!

Images: Architectural Digest ~ View Slideshow

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Kat said...


What a lovely job they have done on this house, i love there beach house as well.

Millie said...

Wow Rosemary - what a house! The linen on the Master bed is exquisite, I can't stop drooling.
Millie ^_^
P.S. The boys would have to come by & see me By Appointment Only though - it would give me a chance to throw drop sheets over everything before they sat down!

The Queen Vee said...

How to get a fabulous house like this.

Great designer + great architect + a GREAT deal of money = 3.