Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elvis + Sinatra = Ha Ha Ha . . .

This made me laugh!

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Send an Ammi Phillips Folk Art Postcard from The Minneapolis Institute of Arts' current exhibit . . .

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Noble Dreams & Simple Pleasures
American Masterworks from Minnesota Collections
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
February 22 - May 3, 2009

If you live anywhere near Minneapolis, you should definitely plan to attend this exhibit. Click here for details and a slide show.

I adore this Ammi Phillips portrait!

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Life's Little Instruction Book, pages 28 + 29 . . .

...To be continued...

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Henry Ford Money and Banking Quote . . .

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Winnie the Pooh sale brings £1.26m at auction in London . . .

December 18, 2008
Sotheby's - London, New Bond Street
A collection of E. H. Shepard's original drawings for the Winnie the Pooh children's books fetched £1.26m at auction.

The top lot, "He went on tracking, and Piglet... ran after him", one of Shepherd's best-known drawings, went for £115,250, a record for the artist (Ernest Howard Shepard, 1879-1976).

The illustration, showing Pooh walking with Piglet by his side, leaving a trail of footprints behind them, sold for far more than its pre-sale estimate of between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds.

Another drawing, "Bump, bump, bump - going up the stairs", sold for £97,250, almost double its lower estimate.

The auction also included limited edition and signed books by author AA Milne, and the first US edition presentation copy of Winnie-the-Pooh, dated 1926, which sold for £39,650 against an estimate of 15,000-20,000 pounds.

Philip Errington, Sotheby's specialist in charge of children's books and original illustrations, said he was "delighted" with the sale results. ...read more...

View Sotheby's Catalog with Sale Results:
'That sort of Bear': E. H. Shepard's Winnie-the-Pooh From the Collections of Stanley J Seeger and Christopher Cone

"Take care of your antiques and they will take care of you."

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

World's shortest escalator leaves me speechless . . .

There is a 33-inch escalator located in Kawasaki, Japan's More Department Store. Please take it so you won't have to go down 5 steps! How lazy can you get? Wonder why they don't have it on the other side too? Please watch...it's only 6 seconds long. Unbelievable!!!!

via The Denver Egotist

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FREE DOWNLOAD | 2009 Geosphere Origami Calendar (12 sided) . . .

This was my #1 favorite download last year. This 12-sided calendar also known as a rhombic dodecahedral lived on my desk for the entire year. When 2008 became 2009 I could not remember what this shape was called until I saw something on the Internet today about a "geosphere" and a light bulb went off in my head. This word enabled me to find the download for 2009. This is how I will be spending part of my day...folding and pasting. It's pretty tricky at the end if I remember correctly. I used card stock. Enjoy!

Download PDF

I don't know if I can correctly call this origami because it requires glue. The original website offers a glueless version too. Here's the link for both versions with helpful hints. You can thank me later. Have fun, Rosemary DOWNLOAD 2010 CALENDAR HERE.

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Dewdrops quote . . .

I took this photograph one morning earlier this week. My clothes line collected liquid pearls overnight. Click to enlarge.

Philip James Bailey, English Poet 1816-1902

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday.

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Imagine . . .

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Susan Sarandon Video Encourages Civil Disobedience For Capitol Climate Action in Washington, DC on March 2nd

In a new video, actress/activist Susan Sarandon is asking the American public to help stop global warming by participating in Capitol Climate Action — the country’s largest show of civil disobedience about global warming in history.

In the video, Sarandon says: “Civil disobedience can overcome great challenges and global warming is the greatest challenge of our time. On March 2nd, thousands will come together in Washington D.C for a historic protest on the climate crisis. Many will continue our tradition of peaceful, civil disobedience.”

Background: The Capitol Power Plant, which is owned by Congress and sits just blocks from the American seat of power, burns coal to heat and cool numerous buildings on Capitol Hill. The facility no longer generates electricity but its reliance on coal has made it the focus of political controversy and a powerful symbol of coal's impact on the environment and public health.

Please watch the one-minute video below!
I predict that this will be BIG.

--> ecorazzi -->The Huffington Post

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Webster says, "Grab a nap when you can." . . .

Webster knows best. Spring was very short lived; it's very cold and windy today. Webster had to walk himself because I am still in my pajamas and he's all tuckered out. He loves the silly pillow I bought for him yesterday at the church rummage sale around the corner.

Happy Friday from both of us. ♥Rosemary & Webster

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A Book is a Present You Can Open Again and Again . . .

I have always loved this illustration. I've been saving this card since it was first published and it pretty much sums up my feeling for all books. A book is just about the best present you can give or buy for yourself, isn't it?
© Mary Engelbreit 1985

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cat on the Furniture Quote . . .

This sounds completely logical, doesn't it?

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First signs of Spring in February 2009 . . .

Webster and I took an amazing walk this morning. It was warm, foggy, and still wet with water drops on every branch. I uploaded the highlights in a slideshow to Picasa WebAlbums. All of the photos are straight out of my camera with no Photoshopping. I haven't done this in a long time and had to relearn everything. It was pretty easy.

Spring is definitely emerging. I have wetlands and rumor has it that Skunk Cabbage is the first sign of spring. They are coming up all over! The snow drops are up too but haven't bloomed yet. Enjoy. ♥Rosemary

Spring in February 2009
Click on Webster to see the photos full-size.
Choose slideshow. Enjoy.
See you on the Internet...Rosemary

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