Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oranges are so interesting . . .

  • In Afghanistan, oranges are customarily used as a seasoning at the dinner table; oranges are squeezed over the food to help cut grease.

  • In Jamaica, people clean their floors with an orange cut in half; mechanics there use oranges to clean away grease and oil.

  • Spain has over 35,000,000 orange trees.

  • In Switzerland, oranges are sometimes served smothered with sugar and whipped cream.

  • Europeans sometimes eat oranges with knives and forks.

  • It wasn’t until after the Second World War that commercial orange-juice concentrate became available in America.

  • The taste and aroma of oranges differ by season, county, state, and country, and even in the position in which it grew on the tree.

  • The outside color of an orange has no absolute correlation with the maturity of the fruit and juice inside.

  • Oranges were used in cosmetics by ladies of the French court in the 17th-century.

  • The navel orange is one of the oldest varieties of oranges.

  • About 25 billion oranges are typically grown in the United States each year.

  • Many orange varieties float when placed in water; very sweet varieties, however, sink to the bottom.

  • In the 19th-century orange blossoms were regularly shipped to Paris in salted barrels, because no French bride wanted to be married without wearing or holding them.

  • Lightning kills as many orange trees as any disease.

  • 17th-century Frenchmen liked to pour orange juice over their roasted chestnuts.

Orange you glad I'm finished? More facts about oranges.

Photo: Bowl of oranges in an antique Georgian glass bowl in my kitchen.

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Millie said...

I love your work Rosemary - I so enjoyed reading this! I often see crates of California oranges in our Fruit Market here, yet we have a huge citrus industry - I guess that's the joy of Free Trade & all that!

One thing I've always disliked though is that the noble orange is now inexorably linked with that yukky skin on the back of my thighs. The Rocket Scientist who gave cellulite the 'Orange Peel' tag should be sent to Siberia forever!
Millie ^_^

Sabina said...

Hi Rosemary!! I got a kick out of these orangy facts - almost none of which I have ever heard before. This was interesting!!

I love when you show your beautiful antiques!

Gal Friday said...

"Europeans sometimes eat oranges with knives and forks."
Heck, some Europeanss eat pizza with a knife and fork( I always remember this when my German uncles visited our family here in the USA in the mid-70's)
Loved these orange tinted facts(my favorite color)and it made me remember the Christmas scene in one of the Little House On The Prairie books when Laura was so happy with the simple and yet exotic at the time, gift of an orange in her Christmas stocking.
Your photo is luscious.

Deanna said...

Wow, imagine how nice our homes would smell if we scrubbed our floors with an orange as the Jamaican's do! As for Millie, I wonder if we rubbed oranges on the backs of our thighs, it might cure that horrible disease we both have! You go first!