Monday, January 26, 2009

Rearranging furniture is so rewarding . . .

I had the urge to do some furniture rearranging over the weekend. This drafting table was in my third floor studio and I got the brilliant idea to put it in the spare room where all of my antiques reference books are housed. It is absolutely perfect; I wish I had done this sooner. Now I can sit on my windsor stool and flip through my books with the greatest of ease. This will be so much nicer than standing beside the guest bed to do my research.

I hope I can resist the urge to start piling up tax documents here. They are starting to roll in but I refuse to even think about them until February. January is my absolute favorite month of the whole year. The holidays are behind me and there is noting pressing before me. Perfect for nesting and doing self-indulgent things like watching movies, reading books, knitting, sprucing up my blog, or anything fun.

Reality is just around the corner since February is less that a week away. Only a few more days of freedom. I will try not to waste a minute of it!!!

Content in a Cottage


Tracy said...

Nice posts the past couple of days, Rosemary! Love the Dutch ice skaters. And your reading corner is so beautiful and warm. Find a basket and stick those tax documents under the bed!!

Sabina said...

Your home is so lovely Rosemary!!

I too love January for similar reasons.

Enjoy the day!!

Millie said...

So glad you were exposed to the rearranging bug Rosemary, I love the positioning of the drafting table in your guest room. What an inviting room - you may have to get an eviction order as I reckon your guests won't ever want to leave!
Millie ^_^

kathleen said...

Your bookshelves are fabulous. And, with the little table there, you'll enjoy your books even more.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I just ran across this post of your, Rosemary. What a great room! I love the bookshelves!!!