Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preparations in Washington for Obama's Inauguration . . .

One week and counting. The seating area for the presidential inauguration on the West side of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 12, in Washington, D.C. AFP/ Getty Images / Karen Bleier

An invitation for the Inauguration of Barack Obama is shown on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Jan. 12. AP / Susan Walsh

Buttons of Michelle Obama are for sale with US President-elect Barack Obama inauguration memorabilia at the Presidential Inaugural Committee store Jan. 12, in Washington, D.C. AFP/ Getty Images / Jim Watson

See many more images at my new favorite photo news site: The Frame

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bernie Madoff cartoon . . .

I am still in shock that this man is not in jail.


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Why is the English alphabet so boring? . . .

I rest my case.

via ffffound

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'Mutts Like Me' poster from Shepard Fairey promoting shelter adoptions . . .

Mutts Like Me

This poster by Shepard Fairey has earned a permanent spot in the dog section of my sidebar. I made it clickable so that the viewer is redirected to a site with an animal adoption center locator.

Quoted from the website, "Now, Shepard Fairey, the man Time Magazine named 'Icon Maker'
of the year, has used his talents to help shelter pets! The artist who made Barack Obama's face an icon through his stickers and posters has now made an icon out of the American mutt, proving that every mutt is truly a masterpiece!"

"Help spread the word on behalf of the millions of furry U.S. pets currently waiting to be adopted!"

This whole movement was started by a line in one of Barack Obama's speeches. I can't wait to see the new First Puppy. It might be two according to news reports.

My own dog Webster came from a shelter as a 9-week-old puppy. He was crouched in the corner of a cage marked "UNWANTED". The rest is history. Tabitha the cat came from a shelter too.

Go out and get your own Best Friend as soon as possible! Download and print the image to help spread the word.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Favorite List ~ First Pets and their owners . . .

Want to spend some quality time behind your computer screen today? Do you love animals, politics, presidential history, and photography? You are going to love this List of United States Presidential pets found in Wikipedia's article called First Dog. It covers other First Animals too including a hippo.


via A Photography Blog

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blue Man Group HD Video || Slow Motion GREAT . . .

Blue Thousand and One from Blue Man Group HD on Vimeo.

Length ~ 1:24
Slow Motion HD Work
Cast: Blue Man Group HD, Zarah Cabanas

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Red Leather-Bound Blank Notebook Embossed with Didot Font from Assouline . . .


"Editors turned up at front rows toting this neat notebook. Stationery has become the new status bag." FASHION WEEK DAILY

- Leather-bound blank notebook
- Embossed with Didot, Assouline's signature font
- Cotton marker ribbon
- 144 pages with silver foil edges


This is the companion notebook for the Assouline Didot Type Tote Bag.

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Currency Art . . .

My Money, My Currency by Hanna von Goeler

I guess this artist pays a dollar for her canvases.

"My currency work originated in California, while I was studying at UC Davis. I was very interested in camouflage at the time. This interest led me to create my first paintings on dollar bills, between 1992-94, in which I camouflaged / painted images onto and into bills. A family matter led me to the east coast, and faced with the costs of living in New York City on an artist’s budget, I continued to paint on money."


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Friday, January 9, 2009

Working Crossword Puzzle design on building in Ukrane . . .

The people of Lvov City in Ukraine decided to add another attraction for visitors. In this artistic project it was decided to place a giant 100' (30 meters) wall on one side of the multi-stored residential houses.

There is one interesting detail about the design of the puzzle. It looks like a blank puzzle by day, but at night when special lights are on the words, the finished puzzle becomes visible.

The questions for this crossword puzzle are located in different point of interests of the city, like monuments, theaters, fountains etc. Visitors walking around the city can try to answer the questions and write down the answers. When night comes to the city they can meet at this house and check their degree of intelligence.

Very clever indeed! via english russia

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Fabulous designer typographic laptop bag in leather . . .

Leather Bag designed by Assouline made by Cole Haan - $450.00

Beautiful genuine-leather unisex bag, ideal for carrying books or laptop computer. Embossed with numerals from the Didot alphabet. The inner canvas is lined with convenient zipper pockets. Made by Cole Haan for Assouline.


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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HELVETICA ~ A film about this typeface TONIGHT on PBS at 10PM :: Independent Lens Documentary . . .

"Helvetica" Historians and designers talk about fonts, and why Helvetica reigns as the most popular.
Read more about this documentary on Independent Lens tonight (12/06/09) on PBS.

Check your local listings for time of airing in your area. You can watch a preview on the website. In the New York area, its on PBS tonight at 10pm.

Looks good...can't wait. I live for fonts!

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9 Design Blogs to Follow in 2009 . . .


Here is another worthwhile list.

via The Letter

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Who Knew? . . .

Wow. I always thought the Foot Guards were wearing tall bearskin hats.

via The Ad Mad

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