Friday, September 19, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD Seed Saving Envelope for 2008 . . .

Seeds are maturing everywhere in my garden. The cilantro berries are nice and big. I will harvest and save them for my culinary garden next year.

Friday is usually an off day for blog viewing so I decided to give something away. I made a pdf document of the seed saving envelope shown above. It is fresh off the presses...I designed it this morning. You will see that it prints beautifully in a nice large size. Use it for big seeds or as a master envelope for the smaller ones I made for you earlier in the year. Search for them on my blog. They are filed under "seedpacket pattern".


Save some seeds this weekend and remember me!

Content in a Cottage

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Bettsi said...

That is so pretty! Thank you very much!

Content in a Cottage said...

You are welcome. The pleasure was all mine!

dlyn said...

What a lovely pattern - I am printing it right now. If you visit my blog today, you will see that I have more than just a few seeds around. :) I mostly save seeds from my flowers - the garden itself does a good job of saving seeds, as does the compost!

cconz said...

thanks for the seed packet pattern. i love it. i will use it.