Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wonderful Cottage with House Plans


House plans available from Southern Living. This sweet cottage is called Deer Run. The size is 973 square feet of heated space. Looks perfect, doesn't it? The stone foundation is a nice touch.


LANA said...

What a cute cottage. I could totally live there!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love it!
the idea of a screened porch on such a tiny little cottage.
perfect. i so love porches.
the landscaping around it doesn't hurt either! :)
tammy j

JudyMac said...

Just what I covet .... a screened in porch on the back where I can sit and read in the twilight and the bugs won't bite!

Garden, Home and Party said...

Looks like a sweet cottage. I might need the bedrooms to be just a tad larger, but I really like the exterior.

Vicki said...

I really want to downsize the next house we live in - this is perfect!
So sweet.

The Queen Vee said...

I could be very happy in this little cottage in a few years. I'm really starting to think of down sizing, I'll have to get rid of a lot of stuff but I'm ready to do that. I would have to make this cottage a tad bigger though as I would need a laundry room.

The exterior landscaping is beautiful.

I'm very fond of Southern architecture.

house plans said...

Thanks for the share and i liked your blog design.

Unknown said...

Love this small cottage. May need to add a laundry room on porch

Unknown said...

A really cute little home for seasonal or vacation use. It has s very useful combination of features. The home could be oriented on the lot so that the open front porch would be perfect for morning coffee, and the screened back porch could be situated so that the view would be different, and lovely for evening relaxing after dinner. A portion of it on the end against the house could be built up and closed in to use as a space for laundry equipment
There's also a space inside the house, between the living room and the kitchen, that looks like a small closet with something square in it, but it's not labeled with anything indicating its purpose. It might be intended for storing a stacked set of washer/dryer equipment, and being that close to the kitchen, the necessary plumbing would be close by.
A very cute little house, and perfect for a vacation home, or for empty nesters in a good climate area. It would work out nicely for us, to be sure!
This three bedroom ranch of ours seems to accumulate "stuff" according to the available space! Time to get rid of as much as possible and sell this house in favor of something smaller and more manageable! I already know what I want to keep, and what to sell. I can be ruthless when needed! This cute little house would only need a detached garage for my husband's tools and equipment.

Unknown said...

My wife and I really like these build plans. We would like to change a few things. What is a ballpark price to build this?