Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lady Mary's Wedding on Downton Abbey


Sunday night was wonderful, wasn't it? The two-hour premier of Downton Abbey, Season 3 did not disappoint. Did you watch? If you missed it you can watch online here. I loved all of the white buntings decorating the route to the wedding of Lady Mary Crawley to Matthew Crawley.
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Garden, Home and Party said...

I loved it! I thought Mary's dress and head piece was exquisite. I saved my recording so I can re-watch it. I also saw that I could watch it on my computer but I prefer the TV when I have the option. The winter just got better with Masterpiece Theater to look forward to each Sunday night.

Gail, in northern California said...

Downton Abbey is like a wonderful gift someone has toiled over for a very long time for you, taking great care that it be just right. The costumes and scenery exquisite. Mary's bridal gown--perfection.

It's hard to find fault with such a lush production---and I shouldn't--but I have a hard time understanding the dialogue at times. It's as though Thomas' jaw is wired shut and Lady Violet is forever making some delightful catty remark under her breath that I can't understand. Volume has nothing to do with it---nor accent! I had a hard time with Shirley MacLaine's voice too!

But do I miss an episode? Not on your life! I've even bought all three seasons. The first two outright, the third a pledge to PBS (a holdover from my anger at Romney's snide remark that he would cut their funding if elected.)

The Queen Vee said...

Gail, use closed captioning then you'll be able to understand the dialogue. My husband has severe hearing loss so we use it often, it makes such a difference.

Those Brits do costume dramas SO well. Lady Mary was a beautiful bride, I LOVED her veil and Calla Lilly bouquet. My mother-in-law was married in 1932 and she carried a bouquet very similar to Lady Mary's. I loved the bunting too Rosemary...such a fun episode.

Lisa said...

Would you believe I watched the show for the first time Sunday?! And guess what? I am 100% in love with it! I am so not a TV person, so it didn't really interest me, but I'm SO glad I watched. I'm catching up on past episodes by my IPad through Amazon Prime ;)