Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Folly on a Bridge

via What a wonderful place to stand and enjoy the view from so many different directions. It's probably in England, agreed? Simply lovely.


tammy j said...

such wonderful pictures . . .
from the fireplace with the chessboard right on through the adorable puppy breath and on up to this beautiful english folly.
i can almost see mary and matthew standing there!
next sunday we continue!!!
i so love downton abbey. and i love the pictures you find that remind me of england.
tammy j

Anonymous said...

Just stubbled onto your bolog. Use to live in nearby Morristown. I was a realtor for Weichert there. Now live in VA and also a realtor here. Hope to follow your blog from now on.
Faith B

Gail, in northern California said...

A warning Faith B...Content in a Cottage will be the place you visit each morning with your first cup of coffee. I've stopped by the cottage each day for many months now and wouldn't dream of starting the day without it. It sets the tone of my day.

P.S. You'll eventually fall in love with Mr. Webster, her devoted elderly pooch who loves to dog-sit for friends.

Karen in CT said...

Good Morning ... I think this picture is one of two places ... on the estate of Chatsworth or in Prior Park outside Bath ... both in England. I can't seem to find it on my Pinterest boards, but am very familiar with it. Best, regards and stay warm on this frosty morning. 21 degrees when I left Stamford for the train this am. Karen in CT

Oli said...

Oh no my dear, I think it´s in Russia
Love your blog :)